I salute 3Cs, aunts and uncles, my name is NGUYỄN THỊ HỒNG TƯƠI;

  • Yes, I would like to update my latest picture.
    I’m lucky to have 3Cs, Aunt Yla, Uncle Vu and the aunts and uncles of 3Cs and Thiện Nguyện Kết Nối Sẽ Chia charities supported and accompanied me since my first year.

I am a 4th year student majoring in Food Technology – University of Food Industry, Ho Chi Minh City. I have completed all the subjects, I have also completed my internship, I am currently doing a thesis to prepare for graduation in July. I look forward to 3Cs, uncles and aunts for supporting and accompanying me at this final stage. I promise to continue to try, after completing the program, I will definitely send the thesis results and the results of all 4 years of my efforts, so that you and I can celebrate together. . I thank the association and the aunts and uncles so much!
Here is my scoreboard: