Smile Of Compassion Projects

PROGRAM TAKE CARE THE LEPROSY PATIENTS – CENTRAL HIGHLANDS: 3Cs assists with $1,000 in this program and Mrs. Tam Hoang donates $100.SUMMARY:After the two-day trip April 24 & 25, the group achieved:? Cleaning wounds, surgery to clean holes, removing necrotic flesh … for 127 leprosy patients.? Visiting, examining, taking care of wounds and distributing medicine to nearly 500 people.? Free 10 pairs of aluminum crutches for 10 leprosy patients? There are a number of patients who are seriously ill, the doctor only temporarily cleans or has preliminary surgery on the wound, and needs to be brought to the hospital in Quy Nhon for treatment. We will coordinate with the locality to motivate and support the travel costs of these patients; At the same time, they will work with doctors at the hospital to arrange a date to send them home for treatment.? Giving out food gifts to leprosy patients to improve. Each gift includes: 10 kg of delicious rice, 1 bag of monosodium glutamate, 1 bag of seasoning powder, 1 bottle of cooking oil, 1 bottle of fish sauce, 1 can of condensed milk and a case of noodles, to a certain place.? Distribute cookies, milk candies to the children. Distribute a total of 250 new pants for children and 50 new suits for adults.